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"Jay Cope came to inspect our home. While he was checking he was going very thoroughly. And when he explained the issue, it was easy and clear. Also, he talked us through all the steps that we could take as well. Jay was super nice and gentle. I really appreciated it. I highly recommend Abate Restoration. "
Mickey Minseok Ji
"Chris came to inspect our foundation because we were getting water leaking in when it rained hard. He inspected the area for a possible crack, and without being able to physically see the wall due to paneling in the walls, he diagnosed the possible problem and he was dead on. There was a substantial crack from the corner of the casement window all the way down. They fixed the crack and was done quickly and well within our budget. I imagine we'll find more of the same by the rest of the windows once the paneling is removed and we'll be happy to call them again. Thank again Chris and Jay. "
Diana Bauer
"We were so impressed with Jay Cope from Abate, who started helping us get to the bottom of our concerns from the very first phone call. And when he came to our site to inspect our walls in person, he explained how his testing technology worked, taught us a great deal about moisture inside buildings and gave us all of the information we needed in order to address our concerns and prevent problems in the future. Jay is wise and knowledgeable and we recommend Abate without hesitation. Five stars! "
Andrew Lavin
"This company was excellent. They were extremely knowledgeable on the issue in our home (pertaining to water damage and mold), talked us through all the steps that we could take and/or we could hire them to take, and even helped us come to a best course of direction that allowed us to get a better value (by doing the minimal work ourselves) instead of gaining them the business and having us spend more money than necessary or needed for remediation of the problem. We will definitely use them again, and send along their information to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable, and fair company needed for similar issues! "
Chrissy Sullivan
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! We were having a mildew smell in one of our bedrooms that we were concerned was coming from potential mold in the attic. After receiving 2 estimates at over $1200/pop to get rid of the suspected mold, Jay came out and took a look.Turns out it wasn’t even mold that we were dealing with, rather an issue with our air flow within the house. He offered numerous tips on how to resolve the issue, none of which benefited him financially. He simply wanted to help solve the problem. He went above and beyond sharing his knowledge, which was highly impressive at that! He took the time to educate us and we really appreciated that!!! I’m thrilled to say that he not only saved us $1200+, but his helpful tips resolved our problem! No more smell 🙂 Without a doubt, if we have any other issues in the future, he will be the first person we call! Highly recommend!! "
"When a neighboring unit’s sewer line broke causing significant damage to my condo, Abate not only cleaned up the awful mess but performed all the repairs to make my home livable again. Abate’s staff was not only courteous and prompt in their response but they answered all my questions. They worked seamlessly with my insurance company making a complicated process much easier. I would definitely call Abate first if the need ever arose again. "
Nanette Cope
"Abate restoration has done a very professional job during the water damage. I do recommend using them for any restoration/mitigation work. "
Ali Motakef
"We called Abate Restoration for a water damage issue for an indoor pool we were servicing that had severe mold issues. As a local business that prides ourselves in quality customer service, we were very pleased at how our customer was handled from the beginning of the process to the resolution of their problem. 5-Stars! "
George P.
"I highly recommend Jay Cope and Abate. They were professional and courteous as well as knowledgeable and helpful. They went above and beyond in helping us solve our problem. I would recommend them to any of my fellow realtors as well as my clients! "
Kari Frankenberg
"I went on line and called Abate Restoration and talked to their on staff Biologist Jay who was wonderful. Abate came to my home and Technician Alex solved my moisture problem remove all the mold, Abate Restoration is GREAT!!! "
Hellen League
"I called ABATE to help solve a mold problem in my attic. I had a problem with the roof vents which they corrected and then they removed the mold. They were very helpful and I would recommend them kindly. "
Aleksandr Kushnir
"I am very pleased with all of the work that Abate completed at my home. When we remodeled, Abate handled a variety of projects for me including demolition, insulation, sump pump placement, and tile installation. They also dried and cleaned my basement when a different contractor made a mistake and caused a flood! It was so nice to work with a single company that could deal with the many unexpected challenges of remodeling an older home. I plan to continue using Abate for all of my future home repairs. "
Karyn B

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